This page is to give you an idea of the price range of my products and also to explain the making and pricing process for people who're curious about it!


Buttons: it depends on size and number of them but prices normally go between £7-£24 for packs of minimum 3 maximum 8 buttons.

Napkin sets of 2: Prices start at £30 (if the embroidery is small) and can go up to £60 (for example when I hand sew a ric rac trim on them). The price also depends on the price of the original napkin (vintage, made by me or bought ready made) .

Tablecloth set: Prices start around £100 and can go up to £200  depending on the size of the tablecloth and the amount of napkins.

Bedsheet sets: They're the most expensive because of the large amount of fabric needed. Prices start at £120 if the embroidery is quite simple and can go up to £200 if I take the time to make scalloped edges, add trimmings or any other details.

Monograms: For a small one (napkin size) is £15. For a bigger one, cushion size it starts at £​50 as it has more detail on it and I use more elaborate stitching to make it. These are the prices of the embroidery, it doesn't include the napkin or cushion.

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As many other crafts, hand embroidery is a very time consuming activity and although I enjoy every stitch of it, it becomes a problem when it's time to price it.

Someone who's never made anything similar have no idea of how long it takes, and very often can find hand embroidery too expensive.

As an exemple, I will share the complete pricing process using this beautiful tablelcoth set I embroidered a few months ago:


To start I calculate the total cost of the material which is £25 and the hours of work which are 15. I know, you’re thinking: 15?!?!?! Yes, let me quickly go through all the steps it took to make it:

- Pick and order the fabric

- Pre-wash the fabric by hand

- Iron it once is dry

- Cut it into 4 napkins and a tablecloth

- Make the hems (Draw and stitch the squared corners, iron all along the hems and machine stitch them)

- Make/pick the embroidery design

- Sample it

- Embroider all the bits (about 12h of work)

- Iron it

- Get the packaging ready

-Get to the post office to send it.

This is quite a simple design as it just has the embroidery on the edges. The original idea had a lot more embroidery on it, but as it happens 90% of the time, I simplified the design to make it more affordable.

To continue on pricing, I multiply the 15 hours for a £12 hourly rate (=£180) and add this to the £25 costs which makes £205.

Ideally I would add to this the business costs and a profit but because I want to leave it as low as possible, this is how I do it for now.

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Hand embroidery it's expensive but because it's always about something special, made to treasure it carefully, something you won't find anywhere else in the world and that is made to last all your live and longer.