Small Bedlinen Set
  • Small Bedlinen Set

    The set includes a pillow case and a flat bedsheet for a single bed or cot bed on 100% soft cotton fabric.


    For the single bed size, I buy ready made sets and I embroider on them, there are many colours to choose however the availability depends on the supplier’s stock at the time of the order. For the cot bed size, I buy the fabric and sew the sheet and pillow myself.  In both cases, you can indicate your colour preference on the box  and I’ll find the most suitable option.


    Each set has a unique floral design and a name or monogram can be stitched on the pillow or bedsheet for an extra cost.


    Waiting time is up to  4-5 weeks.

    For international orders (non UK) please order via email! Just so I can calculate better your order shipping costs :)


    After you place the order I will contact you to discuss the colour and design options.