Handmade one-of-a-kind quilts, made of 100% high quality linen.



These quilts are made from the quality linen scraps of my embroidery projects. There are two available styles:


-The zig zag one which is all hand quilted following the shapes of the design with matching colour threads

-The small blue one with decorative fabric buttons.


Both have fabric straps at the back to make it very easy if you want to display it on the wall. They can be used as a small blanket on a bed or armchair/sofa



Zig zag quilt 90x90cm ish.

Blue quilt 80x80cm ish.

Zero waste linen quilts

  • I recommend to wash them the minimmum times possible for best conservation, to hand wash them or do a gentle cold wash on the washing machine. I recommend to air dry and to avoid to have them on direct sunlight as the colour could fade.