• Napkins

    Hand embroidered napkins made to order.
    Choose between monogramming or a floral motif (small or medium).


    Napkins are made on 100% linen fabric and measurements are 35x35cm ish.
    I buy the fabric and make the napkins myself. You can indicate your colour preference on the box and I’ll find the most suitable option.


    You can order an individual napkin or more than one. Sets can be identical or a mix match of designs and colours!

    On monogrammed napkins the design include the letter plus a small floral design.
    I can stitch one letter or two initials of someones name (AB)/ or two different people (A&B). Please let me know your preferences on the monogram box.


    Waiting time is 4 to 5 weeks.


    For international orders (non UK) please order via email! Just so I can calculate better your order shipping costs :)


    After you place the order I will contact you to discuss the colour and design options.