The buttons are made of my linen scraps from my bigger commissions. I never throw away any linen because it's a high quality beautiful fabric and out of the smallest left overs I make these completely unique button sets.


When I make buttons I never plan in advance. Seeing the fabrics and threads available I improvise the stitching, which is the fun bit! I repeat floral styles but I make sure to change colours, sizes or any details so when you receive your set you know it's something truly special that can't be find anywhere else.

There are 3 button sizes available:

- Medium (sets of 4) 2,3cm diameter
- Small (sets of 6) 2cm diameter
- Extra Small (Sets of 8) 1,5 cm diameter


All my button sets come beautifully sewn on my Rosita cards and are carefully packed to make sure they arrive to you in perfect condition! All my parcels are tracked.


My buttons are very popular for children's clothes and for knitters and sewers who make their own clothes. They also make a great addition to any handmade project and a great gift for craft lovers!



Hand embroidered buttons