Hi! I'm Maria, designer, hand embroiderer and seamstress. I  live in the UK although I'm originally from Catalonia, Spain.

My mum, a passionate seamstress, taught me my first stitches when I was a child, to keep me quiet while she was teaching in her sewing school. I spent years next to her learning all kind of sewing and embroidery techniques and making my first patterns with her.


As an adult I studied Fashion Design and Pattern and Dressmaking in Barcelona. 

After Uni I started to be more interested in embroidery and learn more about hand stitching. Nowadays hand embroidery is my main activity although I still do some work as a seamstress and patternmaker.




Rosita is my grandma. Before I moved to the UK in 2017 I used to spend loads of time at hers. We'd be sitting by the fire and while I was sewing she'd be telling me endless stories about when she was young and how much everything had changed since then.

Rosita Studio's aim is to go back to that time my grandma misses so much through textiles.

Using my hands to create, slowly making one of a kind pieces, stitching my unique designs... giving a high value to the objects I make.

Every piece is ethically made by me in my studio using sustainable fabrics (as much as I can!): organic, oeko-tex certified, second hand, vintage, recycled...


I'm inspired by vintage home textiles made by ordinary women to decorate their homes. Those linens were usually stitched with flowers, monograms or beautiful edgings.

I collect loads of floral patterns that I use as inspiration to create my own designs. Keeping the vintage look of them I transform those patterns into contemporary designs by simplifying them and picking a flashy color palette.