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This PDF pack includes 5 different alphabets that you can download instantly and print at home in different sizes to make your own monograms.


I've designed these alphabets taking inspiration from my most popular letterings, the ones that always get the most love in my commissions! There is a variety of designs, from the lettering I use for my stockings, perfect for full names, to more elaborated monograms that I use to decorate napkins, pillows or to personalise clothes and baby gifts.


The pack includes a little instructions sheet with guidance on how to transfer the monograms from your printed paper to the fabric. I get asked a lot how do I transfer my designs so I thought it'd be great value for you if I shared some of my favorite methods to do it.


Please note this pdf pack doesn't include any hand embroidery instructions, if you need help getting started with hand embroidery I totally recommend to check my beginners embroidery kits:


*Please be aware that the link to download the pdf pack expires in 30 days!

PDF Alphabet pack

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