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Limited edition of gorgeous handmade stockings, hand crafted in small batches in the UK. These Christmas stockings are made of 100% organic linen, a high quality and durable material that will last you many Christmas to come!


Each stocking is made of 4 linen panels in 2 different colours and has a layer of light wadding inside to give the stocking some structure so they look perfect when hanging them. The wadding is light enough to be able to hand stitch without a problem.


The stockings have a scalloped folded edge which is the perfect space to add some hand embroidery of your own. If you need some help with the design check my PDF and Stick and Stitch packs.


Approx. measurements: 45cm long x 29cm wide bottom sock.

Scalloped linen stockings

  •  I'm away from 7th July to 1st August, all orders placed during this period will be shipped after. Thank you :)

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