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Made of water soluble “paper”, these stickers are ready to embroider on any type of fabric. You need to stick the design on the fabric, embroider it using your favourite stitches and then wash it so the paper and design disappears completely. It is super easy! and the packs include instructions to know how to do it step by step.


Forget about transfer pens, dirty carbon paper... the stick and stitch system is the easiest, cleanest and safest way to do your hand embroidery!


These simple designs are suitable for beginners but also can be used by more experienced embroiderers. 


You can use them on any type of fabric and personalise any clothes or home linens you already have. Visit my instagram for project ideas :)


After the success of my floral designs and the Christmas limited edition I've created the food version that includes 40 different motifs to stitch. Mostly veg and fruit but some other kitchen motifs as well.


Stick & Stitch - Food motifs

  • Please be aware if you’re placing your order from outside of the UK additional import charges may apply once the parcel arrives to your country.

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